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Chicago style flavor with all natural ingredients

TIP 32 was created to give consumers a more flavorful ,healthier, more versatile barbecue than leading brands.It can be used on plant based meats, vegetables, fried foods, hamburgers, hot dogs,seafood,turkey products,steak ,French fries,grilling, glazing and can used as a dipping sauce. TIP 32 is made with all natural ingredients that's lower in sodium ,no high fructose corn syrup, non GMO ,gluten free and 35 calories.

From Court to Kitchen

Kevin Footes was born and raised on the Near Northside of Chicago most notably known for Cabrini Green Housing Project,Cooley High,Oscar Mayer Bacon and Farmer Brown chicken and rib shack. Kevin has always had a passion for cooking ribs and chicken in college at St.Louis University one of his basketball teammates named him "Chicken Hawk'' because he would fry chicken wings then smother them in barbecue sauce all the time.TIP 32 was created in 2018 after experimenting with several recipes Kevin was determined to make his sauces a lot healthier, flavorful and more versatile than the leading brands.TIP 32 sauces are all-natural no high fructose corn syrup, no GMO's, gluten free,no saturated fat ,no cholesterol with only 35 calories per serving .TIP32 consist of the big 3, mild sauce ,barbecue sauce and barbecue spicy.

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