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People love our sauces

We are known throughout Chicago and the nation for our tasty mild, barbecue, and spicy sauces.

Amy Brown

This sauce should be in every restaurant and household. As a mother, I love knowing I can provide a healthy option for my kids and not have to worry about all the added sugar that other sauces have. We use TIP32 on Tatertots, Turkey Burgers, Spaghetti Sauce and chicken. Tastes amazing and it’s clean eating.

Nichole Dionne

I love love love this sauce!! I have it shipped from Chicago! Reminds me of my favorite childhood barbecue place’s sauce Farmer Brown (no longer around.) We put it on everything!! You just not a true Chicagoan if you not hip to Mild sauce!! Get you a bottle or two! My whole family addicted! Gave a few bottles out for Christmas!! Try it!! Thank me later

Chris Wilson

All of the sauces are delicious! Being all natural is a plus! You will not be disappointed!

April Hannon

Love this sauce. Pretty much goes on anything and we put it on everything. The mild sauce is my favorite but the BBQ sauce is amazing also!

Nicole Hermon

I purchased Tip32 sauce for myself to give it a try and my entire family couldn’t stop using it on everything. I now buy several bottles of Tip32 so we won’t run out of it so quick.

Dealow Morgan

This is easily the best tasting sauce on the market. If you are from Chicago or the midwest then you know about mild sauce. It is a staple in this part of the country. And the best part about this sauce is how healthy it is. No high fructose corn syrup or gmo. Plus it only has a handful of ingredients and no dangerous additives. My boys and l use it for everything and will never use anything else.

Freya Hatchett

This Tip 32 sauce is like no other! This sauce is award winning with simple organic ingredients! This sauce is stellar and can be on any meat or seafood!! Never trying anything else, Tip 32 is the BEST!!!

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